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Located in the Keystone state of Pennsylvania; Shattered Chain Records is an extension of XNilo Records, an independent Christian metal record label that seeks to support and promote bands that are spreading the message of Christ through the outlet of quality music.

Shattered Chain Records was started to support Christian Extreme-Metal ministry bands. We are a musician owned label and so our staff understands on a very personal level the struggles of the industry from the view of bands and artists alike. Therefore, the goal of Shattered Chain Records is to have a label and home that relates to the mission and ministry of Indie Christian bands. We work hard to create a deeper connection, trust, and partnership to bring the bands/artists exposure and support!

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The name Shattered Chain Records is almost self explanatory. Through the outlet of music, both the label and our bands work hard to bring the message of Jesus to those who are still bound in the chains of this world. Only through Jesus Christ can these chains be shattered.

The Lord brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains. Psalm 107:14

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