Bullroser Recording Artist:

Technical Thrash Metal

Miika Partala: Vocals
Markus Korri: Guitar, vocals
Tero Kurkimäki: Guitar
Taneli Törölä: Bass, vocals
Rolf Pilve: Drums


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Megiddon from Finland serves you with their own mix of melodic and technical metal. Driving guitar riffs, bright melodies and some technical influences make for an intriguing combination. Brutal main vocals mixed with bright clean vocals bring fresh contrast to their sound. Atmospheric verses and life-tasting lyrics reflect true emotions and honesty throughout the album.
Megiddon was founded in September 2001 and their first record, ”Incidents before The Time” was released in June 2002. Megiddon played live randomly back then, but now a new age for the band is dawning. Having worked on the new album for a long time it has put the whole band onto the next level. Behind Megiddon members there are plenty of bands; Deuteronomium, Icon clan, Random eyes, Miseration, NMB, Sotahuuto, Rammas atas and Suomen Zorro ja elämän paineet, to name a few.
The New wave of Megiddon has taken influences from many styles of death metal, but also from progressive and melodic metal, post metal and thrash metal. Although the combination is diverse, it is still whole.



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