Shattered Chain signs Anima Mortuum
(April 22, 2013)

animamortuum_logoANIMA MORTUUM: The Return

Shattered Chain Records is excited to announce the signing of Anima Mortuum.

Hailing from Chili, this old-school unblack metal project was founded by Zvi Tacussis of Diamoth!

Anima Mortuum: The Return makes no apologies for the bold lyrics that strike the darkest depths of our souls. The listener will find the music to be raw with an unveiled expression of Zvi’s soul. Like that of a Psalmist, the lyrics are not withholding the honest struggles, battles and trials we all face in a fallen world and our dire need for God’s mercy and salvation.

The vision of this project is clear– To spread the word of hope and salvation available to all through Jesus Christ!

Album Street Date:
July 15, 2013

Pre-Orders Now Available!
Visit: ChristianRockShop . com

Album Features:
~10 tracks (English)
~8 Page Booklet: w/lyrics and artwork
~Special-guest Armath Sargon: Contributing keyboards on 4 tracks

Track List:
01: The Forsaking
02: Raise the Flag
03: Massacre
04: Depths of Misery
05: Satan’s Spell
06: In Your Great Compassion
07: Rotten Soul
08: Predators of Darkness
09: Wings of Grace
10: Get Out

To Pre-Order your copy – Visit:
For more information and to hear audio samples – Visit: Anima Mortuum

Shattered Chain Welcomes Bullroser Records
(Jan 7, 2013)

PressPic_BullroserXNilo Records/ChristianRockShop signs exclusive U.S. Distribution and Promotional contract with Bullroser Records (Finland) effective January 1, 2013.

Bullroser Records has been releasing many amazing Christian rock/metal bands for years and have certainly paved the way for many upcoming bands from Finland and surrounding European areas. Such notable artists have been:  HB, Deuteronomium, Scandinavian Metal Praise, Miriam, and many more.

Since 2006, U.S. based, YoungSide Records has been bringing many of these amazing bands/ministries to the U.S. through their exclusive partnership with Bullroser Records. YoungSide has been one of the standout companies/record labels in the Christian rock/metal scene for many years. Ministry has always been their focus and they make no apology for it.

“Personally speaking, Arlene (President of Youngside Records) has been a massive blessing to our label and distribution from the beginning and an absolute joy to work with.” said David Michael (Co-Founder of XNilo Records) “We are sad to see her close YoungSide’s doors, as it will be a loss to the industry on many levels, but we are also humbled and honored that Arlene would see fit to pass the torch to XNilo Records to continue the work they have begun with Bullroser Records.”

“I’m thrilled with this partnership” enthused Arlene Marais (President, YoungSide Records) “as I feel I can now retire with peace knowing that Bullroser Records’ roster of artists will continue to be available to fans in the US.”

Distribution shall be handled through the official XNilo Online Distribution Store: in conjunction with all U.S. promotional avenues through XNilo Records, Shattered Chain Records, XNR media outlets and partnerships.