Bullroser Recording Artist:
Ramma Atas

Industrial Techno Extreme Metal

Peach: Vocals
Miss : Female Vocals
Arktos: Guitar
Corvus : Bass & Vocals
Dj Ridhu: Drums & Programming



Shattered Chain Records U.S. Distribution and Promotions


Rammas Atas was founded in the end of summer 2009, when Corvus Candidus and Dj Ridhu decided to turn Corvus’ idea of combining elements of techno and metal music into reality. They asked Arktos, Peach and Miss Tery to join them, and so Rammas Atas was born. From the very beginning a strong visual aspect has been a big part of the band. Along with the special performing outfits (which, by the way, have been designed and mainly made by the band members themselves), laser lights and other visual elements on the stage, it was also self-evident that they would be using artist names instead of their given names.
During the band’s first year, a lot of great things happened: In February 2010 they released their first 3 song demo, and a music video for one of the demo’s songs was released in May. The band’s debut live show took place in April for more than 300 people at Immortal Metal Fest in Finland, and already their second gig was abroad, at Night of Metal -festival in Holland in September, again for hundreds of people. The recordings for the Rammas Atas debut album started in April and the mixings got finished in November. In January 2011 they signed a record deal with finnish label Bullroser Records. Their debut album ’Til Life Do Us Part will be released during the spring 2011.
The plans for the future are pretty obvious: to play a lot of great, energic live shows, to make more music videos and start composing music for their second album. Also, they are continuously working on getting their live performances even more entertaining and visually impressive by adding and developing the stage props, lightning effects, video screens, outfits etc.
Rammas Atas is here to shake your perceptions about how the elements of metal, techno and industrial music can be combined to make aggressive but groovy, brutal and yet hooky 21st century party blaster!
Danceable. Moshable. Rammas Atas!



Ghost Train


A Man with No Name