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Christian Doom/Extreme Metal

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 Biography:áwol started as a one man project. In 2005 Pekka started to compose slow and atmospheric music. After some time he decided to make a demo from the material that was ready and waiting, so he called Jussi to help with the drums. In September 2007 a demo was recorded with Jussi in drums and Pekka doing all other instruments and vocals. The demo got a good response but Pekka and Jussi were too busy with their other projects so pretty much nothing happened right after that.

In summer 2008 Pekka realized that the time might be right to continue pushing Sáwol forward. It wouldn’t go far with just 2 musicians, so he asked his brother Matti to play the bass and a good friend Miika to play the other guitar. So a line-up was found and Sáwol wasn’t a one man project anymore. The first Sáwol show took place in march 2009.

In may 2009 Sáwol entered the studio to start working on the first full-length album. In the middle of the studio sessions, in october, Sáwol headed to Norway to play a show in Nordic Fest. In january 2010 the band signed a deal with Bullroser records who would release the debut album Through soil and skin in april 2010. ..




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