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Death Metal/Hardcore

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Retu: Vocals
Pekka: Guitar
Taneli: Guitar
Jukka: Mixing
Matti – Bass
Eero: Drums


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In early 1999 two young men in Kouvola came up with a thought about a new band. The thought was shortly put into action, and soon they were on a gig with an incomplete line-up, playing some of their own songs and some made by others. In the early stages the music was lighter punkrock, but as time passed the style started to progress as they gained experience and the line-up was changing. In the year 2003 they reached a point, where it was decided that the music would be done properly. So that the difference to the past would be clear, the old projects were buried and a new band called Sotahuuto was founded. Up until that point the guys had already recorded a couple times and had played some tens of gigs. So the worst problems were history.
The serious rehearsing and song writing, that started in 2003, bore its first fruit in early fall 2005, when the first unnamed album by Sotahuuto came out. The album received decent attention in the Finnish media, and the band even went to play gigs abroad. The album was followed by somewhat frequent touring, until in the fall 2006 the band stopped doing gigs and started concentrating on the upcoming album material and rehearsing. In the spring 2007 Sotahuuto paid a visit to the familiar studio, Studio Watercastle in Jyväskylä and recorded and mixed their new album. The album was called “Ihmisen Jälki” and it was released in August 2007. In the new album Sotahuuto discovered its style. The music performed in a wider musical scale on the previous album had now formed into a tight and straightforward entity. The increased arranging of the material and the strict questioning during the whole recording and arranging process guaranteed an entity, in which meaningless moments didn’t exist.
In the fall 2007 the band is looking into the future with more confidence than ever and full of eagerness. The hunger is greater than ever and the means to gaining the goals are within reach. The setbacks in the years past have raised the band into a tight group that operates strong as a unit. The common vision, team spirit and the Sotahuuto family all over Finland are a source for strength that gets the band to overcome time after time and go forward even when it’s hard. An entity is greater than individuals together